CMT Club

CMT (Center Mass Training)Club is a group dedicated to keeping their firearm skills current and relevant.

Enjoy a mixture of theory and practical knowledge with encouragement and feedback regarding performance as well as refining your bag of techniques.

RKA Gun Gallery and Firearm Safety Group have developed training scenarios that are designed to invoke firing under stress and involve movement drills, verbal commands, the use of cover and concealment and assisting in overcoming the physiological responses that occur in life threatening situations.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the range and real life.


  • FSG Defensive Pistol Level 1.
  • Semi automatic pistol, strong hip holster, mag pouch and 2 magazines minimum.
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Factory Ammunition – NO RELOADS.   Members will receive 5% off all ammunition purchases.


  • All guns must be cased. Guns and magazines must be unloaded before entering the range.
  • Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times inside the range.
  • Guns will be uncased in the range and inspected to ensure they are unloaded and clear prior to holstering.
  • Club members may not roam the store with open carry holster gun.  Firearms must be concealed in the store.
  • Club members must obey all club rules.
  • Club member must obey all RKA Gun Gallery range and store rules.
  • Club members are subject to forfeit their membership, without refund, at any time for failure to abide by club rules, range rules, insubordination, unsafe or dangerous gun handling.


There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $250.00.

This registration fee guarantees our instructors with different lessons/scenarios each month. CMT will be offered twice a month. The same lesson/scenario will be the same for both meetings. This will hopefully help with any scheduling conflicts you may encounter.

A $15 per meeting will be required before each meeting you will attend.
Each meeting will be a maximum of 10 people for safety reasons. This is a first come; first served basis.

You many reserve you spot in advance with a credit card or coming to RKA Gun Gallery with cash or check. This fee is non-refundable as this will secure your spot in the meeting.

Since this is scenario based club, we will require each student to take Defensive Pistol 1. Firearm Safety Group is offering a 50% discount to those who have not taken it. If you have already taken FSG's Defensive Pistol 1, you must be evaluated by our instructors prior to attending the first club meeting. This is for everyone's safety! We want everyone to be confident in holster skills as well as safe in the range.

At any time, if an instructor or employee deems you unsafe, disrespectful or believed to be under the influence, he/she has the right to ask you to leave the meeting/building/range without refund. If this becomes an issue multiple times, you may be banned from future meeting/building/range events. All participants must agree to follow all range rules provided by RKA Gun Gallery, Firearm Safety Group and Center Mass Training Club. All participants must have valid FOID cards and comply with all local, state and federal laws.

Our Advantages

  • Our IL CCL classes & instructors are approved by the Illinois State Police.
  • Our training courses meet and exceed the state of Illinois training requirements, which are required to teach the IL CCL Class. We go well beyond that!
  • We pride ourselves in delivering the best in high-quality firearms training.
  • When you take a class from FSG, you don't just take a class; you become part of the FSG family.
  • We continuously update and improve our training classes and keep in touch with our students regarding important information.
  • We have relationships with the best ranges in the Chicagoland area!


Just finished Stan’s Defensive Pistol level 2! Just as in level one, I walked out of class feeling as though I learned skills that I will take with me, practice and build on to become a better shooter! Stan is a wealth of knowledge, engages his students and always find a way of building confidence! I would highly recommend this class to anyone! I am looking forward to Level 3!.

Elizabeth S   28/4/15

Excellent training for all levels. Stan is a well-rounded instructor, and definitely recommend his classes. Looking forward for more training at FSG.

Mauricio J   7/8/2015

Just finished Phase 1 CCL today, great course!! Stan seems to have a real passion for safety and did a great job of conveying the fundamentals of gun safety.

Drew S   11/4/15

“Took IL CCL Course, class curriculum was exactly what I was looking for. Very informative on IL law, safe and responsible handgun training drills. Smaller class size made participants comfortable and at ease to ask questions. I will definitely pass along what I have learned and encourage others to check out Firearm Safety Group. Thanks FSG.”

John P   3/7/2014

“Raised a cop's daughter and always feared guns. Took on my fear tonight taking on the women's defensive pistol class. Second time ever at a gun range and the second being this class. I can't tell you how much of a personal growth opportunity I had tonight. I not only overcame my fear but was taught by the instructor Stan how to properly shoot and what he had me doing by the end of class was not the same scared elementary teacher that went into the class. I was scared to death. Now I can't wait to take the second class! The confidence and instruction I got from FSG was exactly what I needed tonight! Thank you so much!!”

Dawn P   15/9/15