Non-Lethal Classes

Refuse to Be a Victim

This course teaches strategies people can integrate into their everyday lives to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Students will learn common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive and easy to follow. It includes classroom instruction on criminal psychology, automobile crimes; cyber safety, home security, and a variety of crime prevention strategies including carjack avoidance techniques, use of personal safety devices, and more.This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat self-defense.

NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training Course

The goal of this program is to provide the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to learn pistol marksmanship using a virtual training program. Students use a simulated pistol that has a resetting trigger and uses a laser to indicate where the shots are being hit. It will teach the fundamentals of sight alignment, trigger, grip, and breath control. Computer software records the shots and provides instant feedback to students. This is an excellent course for those who are interested in taking steps to increase their level of personal defense but aren't sure they are ready for live firearms, or for those that want to practice their fundamentals without investing in live ammunition and range time.

First Responder Course

During this 2 hour classroom course, you will learn the basic knowledge and skill to handling and properly securing a firearm found on the scene. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of semi automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns; how to check to see if they are loaded and properly unloading a loaded firearm. No Live Fire.

Our Advantages

  • Our IL CCL classes & instructors are approved by the Illinois State Police.
  • Our training courses meet and exceed the state of Illinois training requirements, which are required to teach the IL CCL Class. We go well beyond that!
  • We pride ourselves in delivering the best in high-quality firearms training.
  • When you take a class from FSG, you don't just take a class; you become part of the FSG family.
  • We continuously update and improve our training classes and keep in touch with our students regarding important information.
  • We have relationships with the best ranges in the Chicagoland area!


Just finished Stan’s Defensive Pistol level 2! Just as in level one, I walked out of class feeling as though I learned skills that I will take with me, practice and build on to become a better shooter! Stan is a wealth of knowledge, engages his students and always find a way of building confidence! I would highly recommend this class to anyone! I am looking forward to Level 3!.

Elizabeth S   28/4/15

Excellent training for all levels. Stan is a well-rounded instructor, and definitely recommend his classes. Looking forward for more training at FSG.

Mauricio J   7/8/2015

Just finished Phase 1 CCL today, great course!! Stan seems to have a real passion for safety and did a great job of conveying the fundamentals of gun safety.

Drew S   11/4/15

“Took IL CCL Course, class curriculum was exactly what I was looking for. Very informative on IL law, safe and responsible handgun training drills. Smaller class size made participants comfortable and at ease to ask questions. I will definitely pass along what I have learned and encourage others to check out Firearm Safety Group. Thanks FSG.”

John P   3/7/2014

“Raised a cop's daughter and always feared guns. Took on my fear tonight taking on the women's defensive pistol class. Second time ever at a gun range and the second being this class. I can't tell you how much of a personal growth opportunity I had tonight. I not only overcame my fear but was taught by the instructor Stan how to properly shoot and what he had me doing by the end of class was not the same scared elementary teacher that went into the class. I was scared to death. Now I can't wait to take the second class! The confidence and instruction I got from FSG was exactly what I needed tonight! Thank you so much!!”

Dawn P   15/9/15