Training should be informative, interesting, engaging and realistic. We offer courses designed to prepare and train individuals to become proficient in firearms usage in a safe and effective manner during all circumstances.


Practice is Permanent. When a situation occurs, research shows that a person will experience automatic responses that affect physiological, sensory and cognitive processes. These changes may prevent timely responses in very serious situations based on the persons level of training. Practice often.


FSG provides firearms training to those who seek individual attention in a comfortable atmosphere. We have a structured approach to teach you the knowledge and skills necessary for self-defense, competition, hunting and/or recreational shooting. Our small classes allows for the individual attention you deserve.


Firearm Safety Group, Inc. is your top resource for firearms training in the Midwest. Our instructors are Illinois State Police approved and NRA Certified. Our Instructors also have military backgrounds with a tremendous amount of firearms training experience.
Whether you are looking for instruction on a firearm you just purchased, advancing your skill and mind set or trying to obtain a concealed permit, we are here to help.


FSG prides ourselves in delivering the best in high-quality firearms training. We are continuously updating and improving our training classes and keeping our students in touch with important information.
When you take a class from FSG, you don't just take a class; you become part of the FSG family.


Firearm Safety Group works at all skill levels. We offer excellent introduction classes for those new to the sport, Intermediate for those building their skills, and Advance where "Practice is Permanent".


Our one requirement for all classes is a... positive attitude! Having an good attitude motivates towards success. FSG wants you to be successful.

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